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A seamless integration of Soundcloud gives you access to millions of tracks which can be added into your mix instantly. Connect to the world!

Modern Interface

To keep everything on track while you're mixing, Blaze provides a responsive, clear and elegant user interface. With frequency layered waveform you will never miss a drop again!



Control Blaze with your favorite Digital Vinyl System and feel your music as if it was turned into real vinyl. Supported timecode vinyls are Serato, Traktor & Reloop


Connect and control Blaze with your favorite DJ Controller. Create your own custom mapping or use one of the many presets for your specific DJ hardware

Tempo & Beat Synchronization

Thanks to the precise tempo & beat tracking, almost any track can be mixed seamless into your set by just clicking the sync button

Audio Effects

We precisely selected the most important audio effects for DJing, giving you the possibility to adjust your mix to your personal needs and create a truly unique mix

Basic Functions

Blaze includes all functions of modern digital mixing software like Loops, Cues, 3-Band Equalizer, Filters and much more


Record your personal mixes in high-quality wav and share them with all your friends

Need Help?

If you need help or have any questions regarding Blaze, feel free to contact us at any time. Send a mail to or contact our fb page.


Blaze Demo

The demo version closes after 30 minutes, but can then be reopened to try again.

Blaze Pro

  •   Soundcloud
  •   Beat and Tempo Sync
  •   Audio Effects
  •   Midi System
  •   Timecode